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Birthdate:Mar 20
Location:Illinois, United States of America
Hey I'm Mandy! I have two sisters, Tori (20) and Ginny (18), and their boyfriends are Mike and Chad, respectively, I also have a brother Alex... he's six!

Other: For a list of my fandoms... see my LJ profile here (

Guilty Pleasure(s): Slash, apparently (based on what I ship) incest, and my soaps

Pet Peeve(s): people who don't use their turn signal (I mean really... how hard is it to take a second to flick a switch with your pinkie?)

How Do You Think Your Friends Would Describe You: loud, outgoing, weird, crazy, excitable, etc... (insert your prefered synonym here!)

What Do You Expect From A New Friend: To not be a jerk

What Is Something You Think Someone Should Know About You Before Friending You: I tend to ramble and can be opinionated? IDK... Oh, I love ellipses and use them often...(if you couldn't tell)... so if they bother you you shouldn't friend me 'cuz you'll get annoyed... and now I'm rambling again...

Anything Else You Wanna Share: I love to Beta so if anyone needs help just message me and let me know! I also make vids... and my favorite word is "aesthetic"... just in case you were wondering...

Interests (128):

10th kingdom, 3 doors down, 3oh!3, abba, acting, alanis morrisette, alias, alice, alice in wonderland, all american rejects, angel, avril levigne, barenaked ladies, batman, being human, black eyed peas, blink-182, bones, bowling for soup, breaking benjamin, buffy:the vampire slayer, caprica, casting crowns, charmed, damien rice, dancing, dark angel, dead zone, death cab for cutie, doctor who, dollhouse, dragon ball z, dresden files, duffy, eli stone, eminem, evanesence, firefly, flash gordon, foreigner, general hospital, glee, good charlotte, green day, grey's anatomy, hans zimmer, harry potter, heroes, his dark materials, house, j2 (rpf), jason mraz, jimmy eat world, lie to me, life on mars, life with derek, linkin park, lizzie mcguire, lord of the flies, lost, m.d., mansfield park, meg & dia, mercy me, merlin, metro station, michael buble, moonlight, motley crue, new found glory, nickleback, october road, one life to live, paramore, pdq bach, pink, podficing, port charles, primeval, psych, puddle of mudd, quantum leap, queer as folk, reading, reliant k, rent, robin hood, ryan gosling/michael pitt (rpf), set your goals, sherlock holmes, sick puppies, simple plan, singing, skillet, skins, star trek: enterprise, star trek: the original series, sugar ray, sum 41, supernatural, system of a down, tenth avenue north, terminator: sarah connor chronicles, that 70's show, the academy is..., the beach boys, the click five, three days grace, tinman, toby mac, torchwood, train, traveler, tru calling, true blood, veronica mars, vidding, vivaldi, white collar, wicked, will & grace, wishbone, within temptation, wizards of waverly place, xena: warrior princess, yellowcard, yu-gi-oh, zero 1
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